Friday, December 10, 2010

Charm Totes

I found a pattern for this huge tote bag/purse during the local quilt expo and thought it was just too cute.  The outside of the bag is made entirely from 5 inch charms squares.  I have to say, I looovvee working with these precut squares.  For the lazy crafter in me, they make life so much easier; and for the imperfect cutter that I am, they make squaring-up the sides so simple!

This bag is large and will hold a ton of stuff.  I've used mine to carry around a laptop, kids' toys, and library books (but not all at the same time!)  The inside features two HUGE pockets.  I make the straps extra long because that's the way I like it!  It's fully lined with fusible fleece for stability and softness. 

Check out my Etsy site: BrowntownBags to see the others I have for sale.

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