Friday, December 17, 2010


Margepoo!  Aside from having a really cool name, she also has great taste in music.  Her favorite Christmas son is "Oh Holy Night," which if I were voting would most likely be my choice as well. 

Thank you so much everyone for entering.  I was feeling a bit bummed in the early going of the give away because I hadn't  received any comments.  Feeling quite sorry for myself, I did a little digging around and finally realized I had the comments on moderation.  There were over 50 comments just sitting there in cyberspace waiting for my approval ;-)  It's been great to watch the comments grow to 221 by the end of contest.

I appreciate all the new followers.  I adore the enthusiastic comments and helpful advice. I hope to come up with some content that will make you smile as I chronicle my way through sewing!

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Em said...

Congratulations to Margepoo! What a lovely bag to win!